Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How About Those Downspouts?

Picture if you will, brand new shiny seamless gutters on your house. Picture them clean and free of any leaves, pine cones, pine needles, those annoying little helicopter things, and just general debris. Nice huh? Well, not so fast there. All that runoff from the roof will flow very nicely into the gutter and toward the downspout. But what if the downspout itself is clogged up with debris? Where will all that water go? Nowhere, it will just fill up the gutter and overflow both the front and back, which will cause extensive and expensive problems. Erosion of the soil underneath the gutters, and possible damage to the fascia board behind the gutters is sure to happen. Not to mention foundation, interior walls, window, and basement problems. So let’s not forget to keep an eye on the downspout and make sure that water is flowing freely out of them and away from the foundation. It is not well known but true that leaves will turn into dirt like compost, and if they get stuck in the downspout it is obvious that water will not flow freely and eventually back up into and over those nice shiny, clean gutters. So the message here is to be aware of the downspouts. If you are having a gutter guard installed, make sure that the downspouts are cleaned along with the gutters before installing the guards. Once those things are completed you should have a lifetime of worry-free performance with your gutters and downspouts. A trained gutter professional can easily assess the condition of all gutter components, and often times a simple gutter tune up will leave your gutters functionally like new.
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